Biographical Information
Name: Dalton Fuller
Age: At least 17
Class: Citizen
Residence: Central
Significant Other/s: Unnamed Match
Relatives: Unnamed Mother

Unnamed Brother

Physical Description
Gender: Female
Distinguishing features: "short blond hair", "beautiful eyes"
Character Information
Appears in: Reached

Dalton Fuller is a character in "Reached". She is a trader and the co-founder of the Gallery.

Biography[edit | edit source]

Dalton was Matched "a few months" before the Rising took of the Society. She "wore green," like Cassia Reyes.

Reached[edit | edit source]

After the Plague entered the Society, at some point Dalton's brother became fearful over getting the Plague. When his mother tried to trade a ring for green tablets, Cassia gave her some writing instead- a peom. Cassia told the woman to "sing to him."

Dalton made Cassia "a tiny brown-and-green bird" to say thank you. Dalton had made the bird with "feathers" and "the glass" that held the "square of silk the Society sent (Dalton) after (her) Banquet". Dalton decided with the Gallery, which still didn't have a name, and provided the place for the art- "the marsh" with "the unused pieces of the barricade" as the walls to hang up art and writing.

Dalton added art to the Gallery. Cassia decribes the art as "beautiful and interesting, fashioned from pieces of other things."

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