Biographical Information
Name: Xander Thomas Carrow
Age: 17
Status: Alive
Class: Medic
Residence: Mapletree Borough, Oria Province
Significant Other/s: Cassia Reyes, Nea Lei
Physical Description
Gender: Male
Distinguishing features: Blond hair, blue eyes
Character Information
Appears in: Matched,
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Xander Thomas Carrow is one of the main supporting characters in both Matched and Reached.


Xander is seventeen years old and is described by Cassia as "golden, charismatic, clever Xander." In chapter 61 of Reached, Cassia says she recognizes him by his blond hair and blue eyes. Aside from his handsome looks, he wears normal clothing from the society. He and Cassia often kiss and hold hands during the book.

Love Interests

Cassia Reyes

Cassia was Xander's best friend growing up, as they lived on the same street in the same Borough , and went to the same schools. At some point, Xander began hoping that Cassia would be his Match. He was called up to the same Match Banquet as Cassia , on June 15, her birthday. The two were Matched, being the first to know each other's Match in at least several years. Both were excited and felt lucky. Though Xander began to feel distant from Cassia; she began to develop feelings for Ky Markham.

Nea Lei

Lei was a co-worker of Xander's both before and after the takeover of The Society . He suspected that she was a member of The Rising, but was wrong. However, she joined after the takeover. He later learned that she was an Anomaly and was also Vick Roberts's girlfriend.


Xander- Xander is an Old Greek name meaning defender of men. Similarly, it is also a Dutch name meaning protector of mankind. It is pronounced X-AIN-DYER It is also a shortening of the Dutch, English, German, Hungarian, and Slavic name Alexander. 

Thomas- Thomas is an Aramaic name meaning twin. It is pronounced TOUH-MISS 


  • His best friend growing up was Cassia Reyes.
  • He lived on the same street as Cassia and had hoped that they would be Matched.
  • His favorite color is red.
  • He has blue eyes.
  • He has blond hair.
  • He is a doctor.
  • He is immune to the red tablet.
  • He is a member of The Rising.
  • He is a friend of Ky Markham's.
  • His Match Banquet was on June 15.
  • He loved Cassia Reyes.
  • He ends up with Nea Lei.
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